Monday, January 19, 2009

The Life of a Book Reader


I have been a lover of books all my life. I cannot remember a time where I was not reading something. One of the first memories I have are of me receiving books as a present. They were small $1 books of the normal children classics. Little Golden Books are what they call them. At first my aunt(s) bought me three books. Using the red plastic lunch box I got from a McDonald’s Happy Meal, I carried these books everywhere! As time went on I began to obtain quite a nice size collection of books. There were so many that I could not fit them in my red plastic lunch box!

At the age of 10, I discovered “The Babysitters Club” series, “Sweet Valley High”, and cheap grocery store romance novels (one of my classmates put me on to these LOL).

By Jr. High I was wrapped up in the world of V.C. Andrews books.

To this day I do not know how I developed such a love of books. No one in my immediate family read. No one in my family ever really encouraged or frowned upon reading. I just know that it has always been a passion of mine. Actually I use to read so much as a child, one of my forms of punishment were for them to NOT take me to the library or take a book I was currently reading away from me. My stepfather use to run around the house screaming, “Who the hell gets punish from reading? Put the book down and do the dishes like I said!!”

My only regret of my reading life is that there was no one around to instruct me of the classics, books that should have enhance my thoughts, and/or of books that talked about people like me. It was not until three years ago (I am currently 26!!!) that I discovered the true strength of a good book. Sadly I had to go through high school and college not knowing. I think this is what you call being ignorant. I consider myself a great thinker (LOL) and if I would have had someone introduce me to the greats or been around like minded people, no telling where I would be intellectually. Now I cannot blame this on everybody else, for at the end of the day, it falls on me and my book taste. I guess you can say that basically that the type/genre of books I like to read changed/developed over time. I went from teen and trash romance novels to gritty “Urban” literature to finally loving a little bit of everything. Currently my love of books and history has been coming together to make a great combination.

I decided to do this blog because for the fun of it, I had been thinking that I wanted to write my opinion/view of every book I read for now on. Kind of like my own personal book club. Also I have not found too many book blogs that cater to my interest. Well maybe one. It gave me the inspiration to do this blog.

Black girl lost… in a book - Please check it out

Now I am no “profound” reader that understands every metaphor and symbol, but I do want to become a better thinker. So with this blog I am going to challenge myself and embrace books that do that.

So welcome again to “Book Snob Wannabe”!!!!!


Bluestocking said...

Welcome to book blogging. Thanks fir friending me.

Betty said...

Don't get so down on good romance novels. There are very well-written, thought stimulating romance novels out there. :) They are good for your brain...same as the classics. You're too young to say things like, 'trashy' romance novels. ;-) LOL Believe me, they don't write them like they used to, when they actually WERE trashy romance novels. hahaha.

I'm glad you found us at book blogs. I look forward to reading about your journey and possibly getting a recommendation or two from you.

Missy said...

This post spoke to me! I too had the same "issues" with reading when a child and threatening to take away my book or my library trip was enough to keep my room immaculate as a child. Today, as an adult I STILL love books and my entire house is always cleaned FIRST. LOL