Monday, January 18, 2010

My goal with Book Snob Wannabe

BOOK SNOB WANNABE is a year old TODAY!!!!

My ultimate goal with “Book Snob Wannabe” is to become a WELL READ individual.

With there being tons of other reasons for me doing the blog, the most important reasons would be because of my love of books, keeping a record of what I have read and what I liked/disliked about the particular book, developing my writing/grammar skills, and immersing myself into the literature world.

I am one of the lucky ones. No one in my family is big readers, but somehow I manage to become a very avid reader at a very young age. Nevertheless I have never considered myself a well read individual. Well that is my mission!!! So I am currently on a quest to find ways of becoming this person.

1. Read anything
2. Read the classics
3. Read the bestsellers
4. Oprah’s book club list
5. Online interaction regarding books

However I am afraid that my mission to become a “well read” individual can turn into me becoming a “widely read” individual. There is a difference (from what I was told) and I will be researching this and getting back to you later.

I try my best to not discriminate when it comes to reading (however some may disagree), but I feel that there is a difference between literature that makes you think and literature that makes me escape. There is a time for both of them.

I want to make this a significant hobby that can turn into something special. Such as keeping an extensive list of books, resources, and memories of the books I have read. As you can see from my minimum posting, I am a novice at this so my progress will be slow, but will gradually become more constant.

I am simply here to work out my own reaction to the books I read and in doing so, figure out how to become a better writer and reader. I do not want to rely on just reviews and prestigious awards to provide me with books to check out. I would much rather gain insight from other readers like friends and myself.

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