Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Currently Reading - February 2010

Last week I discussed that I had "Reader's Block". For the life of me I have been reading the books you see below for ages, and I cannot get through not one of them!!!! Two of them are library books and I have been renewing them since January 13th. LOL!! I think I need to conquer each one, one at a time. However my fear is that I am just trying to finish them because I am the type who does not like to not finish a book. I want to get some kind of comprehension out of them being that they all are non-fiction books. After I am finish with them I am going to read me some nice fiction. So please be on the look out for some book reviews in the near future.


Here are the books on my "currently reading" list:

Ms. Trump's book is quite interesting, I am half way through it, and other than her reminding me on every other page how she is not like the Hilton's sisters, I am impressed with her.

When I heard about this book and I read a couple of reviews on it, I could not wait until I got my hands on it so that I could read it. Strangely when I was living in Atlanta I could not find it at any of the libraries I went to. I thought it was going to be one of my amazon.com "buys". So when I moved back home and was looking for another book in my small town library, I was pleasantly surprise when this book came across my eyesight!! I hurried up and checked it out so that I could rush home to get started. That was January 13th. For the LIFE of me, I cannot get into this book and it is very depressing. For some reason I thought I was going to love it, but it has been the total opposite.

I started this book February of 2008, but last year was not a good year in reading. However I still have it on my "currently reading" list and it will stay there until I finish it. I am debating on if I need to start this book over.

Being that Malcolm X is one of my favorite movies and because I have a fascination with people who rises themselves up when they are at their bottom. Also, I think everyone should read his bio because there is so much wrong information about him out there.

This is supposed to be a fun read. I call this book my "purse book" because I keep it in my purse so when I get stuck in a line or anything of that nature I can always have a book handy!!

Another book just like "Shifting", I bought it YEARS ago thinking that I just had to read this book, and I cannot get through it for nothing.

My mom and my lil sis have this thing that on Sunday evenings, they watch Mr. Osteen. One Sunday I was with them and I watched him also. I loved the message he gave that night. It was not the normal preaching AT you method. During the commerical break, they advertise one of his books and I figured that I would go and buy it for my mother. The next day I did, but instead of giving it to her, I kept it for myself (Shhhhhh.....). LOL I am only on chapter 2 and as of right now, I have no opinion.

Someone told me that this book should be every entrepreneur's library. So I did my research on it. Come to find out that it is a very old and popular book. After reading a couple of pages on google books, I decided to buy it. Now I just need to read it.

These last two books....... well lets say that I am helping someone with a course. In their words' "Since you love reading and you are into politics and social issues, I thought you could help me. It really will not be like helping since you like this type of stuff anyway." The person is/was correct, after looking up the books and briefly going through them, they do seem like I will enjoy them. The only thing is....... I have a deadline, and I am not good with deadlines.

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