Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reader's Block?????

I am afraid I have something called, "Reader's Block"

The Urban dictionary states that reader's block means, the inability to read a book or the impatience to read one.
I think my reason for reader's block is quite simple:

For the last year and a half I have been reading nothing but nonfiction, and it is wearing me out!!

Sometime either in 2007 or 2008, it became a goal of mine to read nothing but books that informed and educated me. However I think now is the time for a break. I need to dive into some good old fashion story telling, some FICTION!!! Feeling this way could have came at the perfect time. Starting in March and April, I will be expecting notifications specifying if I am accepted into law school or not. Even though for some reason I feel like I am going to be accepted, I know throughout this time I will be a nervous wreck and I am going to need some distractions from the chaos going on in my mind.

The last couple of books I could not get into and/or they could not keep my attention. However I am the type of reader that will torture myself to complete a book. I do not know why I feel like I need to complete a book. (That topic is a post in itself!)

Someone suggested to me that I should re-read one of my favorites in order to get back into the swing of things. I may just do that because I do need to re-read a particular "fav' book before moving on to the next book the author wrote.

Soooo I ask, "Have any of you ever had Reader's Block?" If yes, "How did you overcome it?"

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Reads4Pleasure said...

I suffer from reader's block all the time. Sometimes it's best to just take a break. I think reading is something you do for fun, not because you're being forced to do it. Maybe you could try a different genre, something more light-hearted than what you usually read.