Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What should I read next????

I am trying to decide which book I should finish reading next......

I call this book my "purse book" because it literally has been in my purse for over a year now. I have had three purse changes, but this book has been consistent. Its basically a guilty pleasure book. However it is time to finish reading this book and obtain another (smaller) purse book.
This is also a book purse. Actually it is my boss' book for one of his Phd courses. I am under the assumption that this book will help me with my reading comprehension. So I should try and finish this book sooner than later, at least before law school starts. Reason I keep it in my purse: If he asks for it back, I can have easy access to it.
This book looks to be an excellent summer read. It is nothing too heavy. I am planning a trip to Las Vegas this weekend and this book seems like the perfect match for the plane ride.

Another book that looks like an easy read on my trip this weekend. I know that this is a "teen" novel, but I am such a huge fan of Carrie that I (1) think that I am the black version of her (at least on the small town, broke, cheap shoe buying level) (2) that I purchased my ticket to see the movie TWO WEEKS ago!! LOL!!! It will be the day I arrive in Vegas so we are making a huge deal of it. Dressing up as your favorite character. I may just have to post a picture. Also I have a little cousin (16 years old) that is my mini me, she has a love of fashion and makeup like me. Since they started airing the water down version on TBS, she has became a fan of the show also.

Which book should it be??????????

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Shan said...

Tough choice. I'd put Uptown in my purse, I like what I've read by Virginia DeBerry (and I can't remember which book now, I just know that I liked it.) Carrie Diaries is much more of a read in one sitting and devour type book! (I can't wait to read it.)

I love the idea of dressing up as your favourite character. I'll be wearing my best Charlotte dress, but I'll be leaving the two little kids at home!