Monday, June 21, 2010

Moby Dick Reading Challenge

Since I am trying to complete the "1001 books to read before you die" list (more on that later), I have been trying to find creative ways of which books to choose. Well I came upon Laura's site "Book Snob" and she is hosting a "Moby Dick" reading challenge.
It officially kicked off last week (6/15/2010) so if you start you would just be a week behind.
The plan is to read 100 pages every week (the week beginning on Tuesdays) and on MONDAYS, Laura will blog about the chapters read. The entire process should take at least SIX WEEKS to complete.
If you would like to participate, please go to Laura's blog and leave a comment and promote it on your blog!!!!


Arukiyomi - the spreadsheet guy said...

all the best with this... it's a book I have but keep putting off!

Anyway, I guess as you know about the 1000 books list, you're aware of the spreadsheet and have a copy of the new v4 edition, right?

If not, head over to the spreadsheet page on Arukiyomi.

Book Snob Wannabe said...

I am aware of the spreadsheet, but for some reason I am never able to download it properly (I am going to try again today) so I just copied and pasted the list to excel and I have been trying to fix it to my liking. Just know that this has been a tasked in itself. LOL!!! Everything is in one tab and I am currently trying to put the author's name in a separate tab. I think I am in the 300s. Once I have that complete, I can establish a plan on how I want to read them. Hopefully I can download the spreadsheet today.