Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Author Spotlight: Terry McMillian

Terry has a new book coming out!!!!

Now I read "Waiting to Exhale" back in high school and was crazy about it. However I do not think I really knew what the women was dealing with from a 16 and 17 year old mindset. So I am interested in reading the book again with a new set of eyes and it will also get me back familiar with the characters.

According to several websites, the new book will be about the four ladies 15 years later!!! I wonder what has changed about them.....Hmmm.....

The book is called "Getting to Happy" and I cannot wait to find out what is going on with Savannah, Glorida, Bernadine, and Robin!!!!

I wonder if they will make a movie out of this book also....... Hopefully with the same actresses.


Shan said...

I'm so excited about this book!
I too read all of her books when I was in high school, I think now that it's over 10 years later I should go back and read them with an adult point of view, I'm sure I'll love them even more!

Book Snob Wannabe said...

Girllll to read them now, I am sure we are going to have an entirely different point of view. I just wish I would wrote what I thought about books down a LONG time ago. I probably would crack myself up with the way I thought back then!! LOL!