Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review/Opinion of the Read-a-thon

I loved the read-a-thon!!!! Here are some of the things I learned yesterday:
  1. Please go grocery shopping the evening before or at least before you start the read-a-thon. You are losing valuable reading time trying to go get something to eat.

  2. Because I am not good with silence, I turned the TV to a nice "smooth jazz" channel.

  3. I think I lost a lot of reading time (I could have read at least one more book) because every hour I was checking google reader to see who had posted updates and then reading them. Checking the read-a-thon blog for challenges, and reading and updating twitter. Instead of checking every hour (because doing all three would take 20-30 mins), I will check every two hours.

  4. Instead of staying in my bedroom (which was not bad), I think I am going to go outdoors for the next one.

  5. Make sure I do enough studying so that I will not feel guilty of spending a day on something I love!

I cannot wait for the next one. Now that I know what I need to do, I am going to really be ready for it.

What about you guys, how was it??????

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