Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Books I Purchased in November 2010

Here is another month that I thought I was not going to buy any books. However me and my friends were waiting for a movie to start and BAM!! We ended up at Borders and I ended up buying two books. Nevertheless, being that I am a "valued' customer and stuff (LOL), I ended up getting books lower than the price of one of them!!! LOVE IT!!!!
I have really been wanting to read this book after hearing about it on other blogs. Goodreads.com has excellent reviews on it. I did not see anything negative about it. NOW after purchasing the book, I just found out that it is a sequel.

I really do not have a good reason for purchasing this book. However I am quite interested in what Mr. Carter (Jay-Z) has to say and why he came up with the lyrics for his songs. Also when Oprah plug your book, you must have something in there that is interesting.

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