Thursday, January 27, 2011

48 Laws of Power FRIDAYS! - Law 3

Law 3: Conceal your intentions.

Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If they have no clue what you are up to, they cannot prepare a defense. Guide them enough down the wrong path, envelop them in enough smoke, and by the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late.
I paid particular attention to this law because I have been guilty of talking to anybody who would listen about my goals and ambitions. I had to come to the realization that everyone does not want to see you succeed or think that it is possible for you to succeed. I had to learn to shut my mouth and choose who I want to share my plans with wisely.
Where I do believe that over sharing does put you in the position of being sabotage by individuals who do not care about your well being, I do not believe that by over sharing I will lose respect. Maybe I will lose a little power because I am showing the cards that I am playing or plan to play, but how can I lose respect?
As I continue to read this particular law, I feel like I am being taught how to become a con man. Something about it feels wrong, but for some reason I continue to want to read it.
Mr. Greene suggests that we use decoyed objects of desire and red herrings. He tells us a story about a man that was interested in a girl and when he "outwardly" showed his feelings she was not interested, but when he appeared interested in other females, she wanted him only to refuse his advantages again once he showed his true feelings again. Mr. Greene used this as an example for why we should appear interested in something or someone else because this intrigues the one who is being deceived and they are being taken off the familiar path.
I do not agree. How about you find a girl who is not into games and establish a healthy mature relationship. Now do not get me wrong, we should not lay out all our cards in the beginning, but I just feel like he wants us to play games.
I am wondering.... once I am found out that I am deceiving people (because eventually it will be found out), who would ever trust me? Why do we have to deceive others to get what we want?
Here is how I would sum up law 3:
If you are worried about people hindering you from success, don't concentrate on telling people what they want to hear. Just keep your business to yourself. Cut out the people from your life instead of deceiving them, seem like too much work anyway!
I am on a mission to make straight A's. In my law school we have this thing called "Poop". Poop is material that should help you excel in a particular class. Things such as old exams, briefs, notes and outlines. Nevertheless there is bad poop and there is good poop. Please know and trust who you get your poop from. Make sure that they made an A in the class before accepting their "Poop". Now have I told anybody in my class about my "mission" to make straight A's this semester? No! Law school is competitive enough already. Am I going around giving everybody copies of my "good poop"? No! Again, law school is competitive enough. Lastly, am I going around INTENTIONALLY giving people bad poop to distract from my mission? No! That is deceiving people and that is something that I just do not do!

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readinghaspurpose said...

I agree with you. You can keep your business to yourself without being deceitful!