Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hour 12 (hour 6 for me): Mid-Event Meme

1.  I am currently reading John Adams by David McCullough.
2.  I am still reading the same book I started with, but within the hour I am going to move to another book.
3.  For the second half of the read-a-thon, I am looking forward to finishing up a book I have been trying to finish for months now, "Midnight by Sister Souljah".
4.  Did I!!!  I have to move my study schedule around to participate.  So that means I studied ALL day yesterday and will be studying ALL day tomorrow!! 
5.  No interruptions.  I have only took one break and that was to grab a bite to eat before it get late. 
6.  The only surprises about the read-a-thon is how much time I take looking on twitter, facebook and different blogs when I could be using that time to actually read.  Well I guess this can count for number six huh???  LOL!!!
7.  No suggestions.  I think you guys are doing great!!
8.  Next year I will concentrate more on reading.
9.  Not tired at all (I should not be I am not at hour 12 like most of you all....  GOOD LUCK with that)/
10. PLAN AHEAD, it helps!!!

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Becky said...

Yes, this crazy computer can suck you in and away from your reading! Good luck as we head into the last ten hours! :)