Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's here!!! Dewey Read-a-thon

Well I am starting an hour behind the actually schedule I planned so I guess I will read from 1pm until midnight central standard time.

Even though I think I am too late for the "Introduce Yourself Meme"  challenge, I still want to answer the questions.

1.  I am reading from the great state of Louisiana currently sitting on a Starbuck's couch.
2.  Three random facts about me:
     1. I am 4'11
     2. I am missing a crawfish boil to participate (believe that is a big deal for me!!  LOL)
     3. I am addicted to Cafe World on facebook!
3.  I have four books in my to read pile. 
4.  I only expect to actually finish two because the other two are for a read-a-longs and I just need to catch up with them.
5.  This is my second one so i am no expert.  LOL!!

OH!  If you want a blow by blow play of my reading today, follow me on twitter!


Booksnob said...

Good Luck Today. I am not participating this time and am jealous so have fun. Are we still doing the ROOTS readalong this summer?
If so, should I get a button made and should we start advertising it so others can join?

If you don't want to read Roots, I am planning to do it anyways. I just bought the mini-series so I am watching it as my reading reward. I have only seen part 1 of the film and can't wait to watch it.

alitareads said...

Hope you're having a great day! Happy reading :)

Book Snob Wannabe said...

@Booksnob: Get the button ready because we are doing it!! LOL! I take my last final on May 6th so I will be back posting regularly on the 7th. We can aim to start Memorial Weekend if you like. I am excited!!

Kate {The Parchment Girl} said...

Nice to learn more about you! Happy reading!