Friday, April 8, 2011

Its that time again! Dewey's Read-a-thon!

This is my second time participating and I can say that I am so excited!! Now my reason may be because I am tired of reading law books, but also I finally get to get into some books I have been wanting to FINISH reading a long time ago!
Usually Fridays are my "ME" days, but since finals are coming up, I am using today to study and any school related activity because come tomorrow...... its strictly reading.

This time I am going to try something different, I am going to leave the house. I am going to go to Starbucks and hopefully I can get a spot on the couch and I plan to dive into some good reading. Last read-a-thon I had some guilt because I felt that I needed to be studying, but not this time. As you can see from me basically abandoning my blog this semester, I have not been doing anything that pertains to my hobbies. Also after the read-a-thon I will be going full swing with studying because my finals are coming up in FOUR weeks and Lord knows I need all the time. LOL

My plan is to read four books......

OMG!! I have been trying to finish this book since the beginning of the year and just cannot! The character is not my favorite but I am interested in knowing how the book end and plus the sequel to the book comes out on Tuesday and for some reason I "have" to go and get it and read it. LOL! Maybe it will be better than this one.

I am behind on my "48 Laws of Power Fridays" so I need to catch up and write a post on all the weeks I have missed. This is a perfect opportunity to do so!

I will be completing the second book in this 3 in 1 book. I actually finish the first one the last read-a-thon. I am reading this book because I decided to become apart of a read-a-long. If you look to the left I am apart of perpetual reading challenge where you read a bio on each president. I wanted to go in the order in which they were a sitting president, but procrastination sat in and I just thought, "What the hell, I will start with John Adams. The read-a-along started this week with today being the day that you are suppose to discuss the chapter. I basically need to read just chapter one and two I will not only be caught up, but a week ahead and I can also write the review for next week!!!


What you guys be reading for the read-a-thon?


Vasilly said...

I love the Midnight cover! I'm so glad you're taking the day off from studying to participate. Happy reading!

Dusky Literati said...

Good luck. I will be participating in the read-a-thon as well. I hope to get through several of the books on the Orange Prize longlist.

Booksnyc said...

Its a great idea to change your locale! have a great day reading!

Andrea Orva said...

Happy readathon, have fun reading!! :D

Lexi said...

Are you reading? If so, enjoy the day! Having graduated from law school once upon a time, I understand the need for a mental break. I hope you are having a great time!