Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I joined a book club..... ON TWITTER!!!

You have read correct.  I am currently participating in a twitter book club. 

While reading a blog, I came across an article written by Paul C. Brunson.  After reading several of his articles on Essence, I decided to follow him on twitter.  Once I started following him I learned that he is a "Modern Day Matchmaker" and hosts a weekly series on twitter about finding a potential mate. 

One day he announced that he would be hosting a book club on twitter and I knew that I had to be apart of it!  The goal of the book club is to educate as well as entertain. 

The first book we are reading is "How to Make Friends and Influence People" and we had the first session on May 11th.  I loved the interaction with everyone on twitter.  Today at noon (I think Central Time) we will be discussing Part Two of the book.  If you are interested in joining the book club please go to the hash tag #MDMBookClub for all the details. 

As for me I have 23 more pages of Part Two to read in order to be ready for tomorrow so I will post after we discuss part two in order to inform you of the new rules for our next meeting!!! 

Let me know on twitter if you joined!!!

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Paul Carrick Brunson said...

Love this post - thanks!!!