Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer 2011 Read-Along: Roots by Alex Haley WEEK 4

Pages 201 - 301 and Chapters 35 - 47

Due to last Monday being the 4th of July, I did not get a chance to post and discuss last week's reading.  I should be current for next Monday which I will post about pages 302-500.  With that out the way, here goes.....

Here is what I thought:

Page 201 brings us to Kunta (at 17) being shackled up with other captured Africans at the bottom of the "canoe".  Throughout this 5 month trip, we learn about all the shocking mental and physical experiences Kunta and the others go through.  Throughout this section we learn of all the horrible and gross (I usually like to snack while reading, but I could fathom to eat anything throughout this section) that happens to him while under the canoe.  Once a day (I assumed its once a day, it could be once a week) the group of men (the women are kept above the canoe) are brought to the top of the boat and scrub down and told to dance.  I am assuming that they were told to dance so that they could have some form of exercise.  While being "clean" and dancing around, captured women sing songs telling Kunta and the others about how they are raped every night by the toubob. 

The ones who survive the difficult (some toubobs didn't even make it) trip, eventually make it to this unfamiliar land.  Kunta becomes extremely frightened that this is the place he will be eaten.  Instead he finds himself around others that look like him, but acting and speaking like toubobs.  In a location unknown to the reader, Kunta is then sold to the highest bidder and sent to work on his plantation.  Kunta tried (unsuccessfully) three times to runaway. 

Throughout these pages we are introduced to Samson, a fellow slave whose responsibility is to take Kunta aka Toby under his wing and to show him the ropes.  However they cannot get along because Kunta is always running away. 

What did you think this section?
What was the best part?

Was there anything that you hated?

If you did not have a best/hated part, what stood out to you?
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Laurie said...

Yes, that was a horrifying section for certain. I posted my thoughts about it over on WhatSheRead, and I'm looking forward to finding out how you respond to the next sections...