Monday, July 18, 2011

Summer 2011 Read-Along: Roots by Alex Haley WEEK 5

Pages 302 - 401 journals Kunta's life from the age of 17 throughout his thirties. 
Chapters 48-65

I am still 100 pages behind and I hope that I can get current this week.

Here is what I thought:

Throughout these pages we find out about Kunta various attempts at trying to gain freedom until slave catchers find him and eventually cuts off half a foot.  After this incident, Kunta is bought by his Massa's brother, "Massa Waller".  Arriving at Massa Waller's plantation, we are then introduced to Bell, Fiddler and the gardener (who is the oldest slave on the plantation).  Throughout this section we come to see Kunta becoming a man (even though he does not feel like one because of his situation) and him getting acclimated into slavery society. 

After Massa Waller's driver create a map for a runaway slave, he sends the slave driver to be sold and gives his position to Kunta (Toby).  Throughout the next pages we here of Kunta's travels to other plantations and the people he meets there.  Kunta often wonders and cannot get an understanding of how the slaves talk so proud of their master's accomplishments, take pride in their position over the other slaves and act as if they own the plantation they lived on instead of the other way around.

He looked at them as their own worst enemy.  Throughout this time and after trying to runaway on numerous occasions when he was younger, Kunta came to realize that he no longer had a taste for fighting and running, and that he wanted to be left alone and to mind his own business because those that did not, ended up dead.

One night after driving Massa to a party being given by Massa's parents, Kunta finds an African there.  In all this time he had never been able to meet and talk to an actual native African since arriving to America.  The conversation with the fellow African led Kunta into a deep depression which caused him to not talk to the Fiddler, the gardener and Bell for months.  After his self imposed silence, Kunta came to a conclusion......

 He needs a wife!

What did you think this section?
What was the best part?

Was there anything that you hated?

If you did not have a best/hated part, what stood out to you?
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Booksnob said...

I loved this section. Kunta has so much inner turmoil and you can't blame him for his misunderstandings. I think this book is awesome, it may even slide into a slot in my top ten.