Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer 2011 Read-Along: Roots by Alex Haley WEEK 6

Pages 402-500 and Chapters 64-78

I am still 100 pages behind and I hope that I can get current this week being that I will have limited access to internet (major book distraction).

Here is what I thought:

Last week we stopped off at Kunta realizing that he needed female companionship.  With this revelation comes another, he has feelings for Bell!  We get to see them both come to the conclusion that they like each other and watch how they begin a courtship which ends in marriage.  I was so happy that Kunta felt that he could let his guard down with Bell, and not just her, I was glad that he felt he had people to trust and love such as the Fiddler, the gardener and the fellow African from the other plantation. 

It took nearly half the book and Kunta to be almost 40 (I think he was 38 or 39) years old to get some "lovin"!  LOL!!  I think he was the FIRST "40 Year Old Virgin"!  LOL!!  All jokes aside, it was good to see Kunta feel stable in this crazy world he lived in and finally have happiness.

Kunta's happiness grew again when Bell informed him that he would be a father.  Naming her Kizzy, although not with Bell warning him that his "African" name could start trouble, Kunta loved being a father.  With the birth of Kizzy, we learn that Bell gave birth to two previous children before they were took from her shortly after giving birth.  Kunta loves being a father, but he does have some problems with Kizzy being so close to "Missy Anne", Massa Waller's niece.  He is worried about the consequences this relationship could have on Kizzy. 

Throughout these pages we get just a small view into the world of "house nigger" and "field nigger", and how Bell, Kunta and Kizzy are lucky to be considered "house niggers".

Also we learned how the slaves suffered if "whites" found out about a rebellion on other plantations and in particular, the event that took place in Haiti.  Its amazing how they could in one breath talk about their freedom, but looked at my ancestors as animals and couldn't figure out why the slaves could want freedom for themselves.  It made me feel even worst for Kunta.  He was not born into slavery so he knew what freedom was.  That has to be worst then being born into it.  Slavery and the ways of it is all you would know.  Yes you may wish for freedom, but having it and it being took from you is totally different and plays much worst on someones mental state. 

Throughout this portion, I started to feel the anxiety I felt earlier in the book when I knew it was getting time for Kunta to be kidnapped.  Since the birth of Kizzy, I knew that the pace of the book will have to speed up because we only have 400 or so pages left to talk about her, her child, and her grandchildren.  I don't want to give a spoiler on whats going to happened to Kizzy, but I am not looking forward to it at all.

Nevertheless, the book is really a great read and the pages are just flying by when I read. 

What did you think this section?
What was the best part?

Was there anything that you hated?

If you did not have a best/hated part, what stood out to you?
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Booksnob said...

Just so you know True Book Addict isn't doing the readalong any more so you can take her off.

I agree, I think losing your freedom would be worse than being born into slavery. Either way it would suck.
I love Kunta and Bell. I think this book is really good. Do you?