Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Monday! What are you reading???

"It's Monday! What Are You Reading?", (hosted by Sheila at Book Journey) is where book bloggers share that they read this past week and what they plan to read for the week.  

NONE!  I am trying my best not to add anymore books until I am down to at least four or less.  
I thought I would be finish with at least two books last week, being that I went and stayed in the country over the weekend, but nevertheless I am doing good at completing one book a week.
STILL PUSHING THROUGH: (In the order that I started reading them)
 (started reading December 2010)

 (started reading January 2011)

(started reading April 2011) 

(starting reading July 2011) 

(starting reading August 2011) 

(started reading August 2011) 

(started reading August 2011) 

(started reading August 2011)

AGAIN, my mission is to NOT add anymore books to my "currently reading" list until I am reading no more than four-five books at a time.  

Wish me luck!

Please comment on the books I am reading, and/or to shout out your blog and let us know what you are reading!



Jennifer said...

Sense and Sensibility is one of my all time favourites to re-read yearly. I hope you are enjoying it. Have a lovely week and happy reading.
My Monday:

Lissa said...

I am working on The Help too. So Good! Can't wait to see what you say about the Carrie Diaries. It's on my list =D

Angelica Joy said...

Looking forward to your thoughts on "The Carrie Diaries" (love the cover) and is "The Help" a movie now? Angels Laws of Blogging sounds interesting too :D Enjoy your week ;)

Susan said...

I loved The Help. (I don't think I could juggle 4-5 books at a time. Some would drop off and never get finished. I get pretty obsessive when I read and have to finish one before starting another. If I pick up book 2, it doesn't bode well for book one.)