Thursday, August 4, 2011

Once Upon A Chapter's Sizzling Summer READ-A-THON (August 5-7)

I am participating in a read-a-thon this weekend!!

The excellent bloggers over at Once Upon A Chapter are hosting a read-a-thon starting today and the rules are simple and easy!
  1. Read AS MUCH AS YOU CAN from Friday, August 5, 2011 at midnight until Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 11:59pm.
  2. Have a starting line update/post (which is this post for me) and an finish line update/post.
  3. Update at the end of EACH day.
Being that I do not have anything important planned this weekend, I thought that this would be a great opportunity to get some reading in!  I have SEVERAL (ten to be exact) books that were on my summer reading list that I have not gotten to yet. 

Here are the books I plan to dive into this weekend:

These two books are obvious choices since I post about them weekly:

Books that I would like to complete during the read along are these two:

I started reading this book as a read-along, but finals arrived and I became wayyyyyy behind.  This book takes a lot of thinking and I feel that some time it is best to read a little, marinate on what you read and come back to it later.  The goal is to read just 50 pages.  Which is all I read of it a month anyway.

This book is actually a re-read.  I read it years ago and feel that I need to re-read it before tackling the sequel to it.  Being that  I am reading so many books for this read-a-thon, my goal for the weekend is to only read the first 50 pages.

The following books are all new books that I have not started reading yet.  The goal for each one of these books this weekend is to get through the first 50 pages of each one.

I am participating in a read-along of this book where I need to have the first volume (150 pages) read by Thursday.  Hey!  Go check out Bread Crumb Reads to find out about the read-along.

This book is my "get out the house" book.  Meaning that I usually head to the bookstore grab it and read it for an hour or two.  Its my escape from all my other reading (and because I am on a STRICT budget and cannot buy books for awhile).

So here are my book choices for the read-a-thon!!!  I think I am taking on a lot but hey, its a read-a-thon!!    


Lisa Jo @ Once Upon A Chapter said...

Hey! Thanks for joining us!

You have quiet the list to finish this weekend! Wow! I'm very impressed!

I do love David McCullough's John Adams...great book!

Good luck and happy reading!

Lisa Jo @ Once Upon A Chapter

Tracy said...

HOpe you are enjoying the readathon, that is quite a list of books.

Literary Marie said...

Hope you're having a successful read-a-thon weekend!