Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer 2011 Read-Along: Roots by Alex Haley WEEK 8

Pages 703-799 and Chapters 102-109

We are 99 pages away from the end you guys!!!

Here is what I thought:

So we start with Tom coming home for Thanksgiving after being off getting trained to become a blacksmith.  So much happened within these 100 pages.  I think the time frame was 4-6 years.  After Tom's training was complete, he comes back to the plantation and with Massa Lea, builds a place on the plantation to do his trade.  

Chicken George and Massa Lea gets both their wives upset by taking all the money that they saved and bet it on a big cockfighting tournament.  This bad decision causes Chicken George to be "rented" out to an English cock fighter which means that he has to go to England.  However Massa Lea promises him that he would not sell his family off and in fact once Chicken George gets back, he could have his freedom.

HOWEVER when things got rough, what was the first thing Massa Lea did?  SOLD THE FAMILY!  The one good thing he did (well two good things) was to sell the family together (with the exception of Kizzy and the other older members of the plantation) and sell them to "good white folks".  The new owners even bought Virgil's wife and child from another plantation so that everyone could be together.  Once at Massa and Missis Murray plantation, Tom begin to become popular and gain business from everywhere, one of the areas was a plantation where he eventually met his wife Irene.  Irene using her knowledge of something, made it easy for her to be sold to Massa Murry so that she could be with her love!  

CHICKEN GEORGE IS BACK! After coming back to Massa Lea's place, George learns that everyone is dead (poor Kizzy died without her family around) except for Aunt Malizy and Massa Lea.  After realizing that Massa Lea has no intention of giving him his "freedom" papers, George gets him drunk, finds the papers and runs away.  

After arriving to Massa Murray's plantation and reuniting with his family, George realizes that other than dealing with chickens, he has nothing to offer.  This gets him down a little bit.  Nevertheless, one day while in town with Tom getting supplies, he comes across the former sheriff who did not like the way George carried himself with "confidence'.  After realizing that George was free, the former sheriff then informed Tom to tell Massa Murray that he would be paying him a visit because it is obvious that he does not know the laws of North Carolina.

After Massa's visit with the former sheriff, he informs George that in North Carolina, a free slave cannot be in the state for more than 60 days or he must be re-slaved!  After discussing it with Matilda, they come to the decision that George will leave....

Next Monday is our last post concerning the read-along!  I am too excited to read the last 99 pages to find out (even though I know from watching the miniseries) how this family saga ends.  Also the week after that, I will post a review concerning the book.  Go into details about each main character.  Stay tuned!!!

What did you think this section?

What was the best part?

Was there anything that you hated?

If you did not have a best/hated part, what stood out to you?

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Laurie said...

I agree with you on how engaging this section was to read, and Tom is my favorite protagonist so far. I offered my thoughts on my blog; hope you'll stop by and tell me what you think!

Booksnob said...

I am going to be sad when this book is over. I am excited to see what happens with this family during the Civil War. I have not seen the movie so am excitedly waiting to see how it all ends. Did he write a sequel?

Book Snob Wannabe said...

He did not write a sequel, but you will find out what happens up until him publishing the book.

Also, if you like this one, you may also like "Queen", it is the Roots version of his biracial paternal grandmother. Interesting indeed... I need to obtain a copy of it. I read it a couple of years ago. I have the miniseries of it as well.