Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer 2011 Read-Along: Roots by Alex Haley WEEK 9

Pages 800-899 and Chapters 110-120

Here is what I thought:

This section starts off with the family discussing Abraham Lincoln being elected president.  I thought that since last week's section was an excellent read, that it would continue until the end of the book.  Even though it was a readable and enjoyable section, I believe that because he only had 100 pages to put over a 100 years of the remaining family history, I feel that the last 100 was a rushed overview of what occurred.  

It was a present surprise to find that he used the last 100 pages for "Roots: The Next Generation".  I am just upset that the section was not as versed as all the other sections.  

Nevertheless I really enjoyed this book and it is bittersweet that the read-along is over.  Now I just need to figure out what book I would read next summer...  

How did you enjoy the read-along? 

What did you think this section?

What was the best part?

Was there anything that you hated?

If you did not have a best/hated part, what stood out to you?

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Booksnob said...

I agree, I thought the ending was rushed for sure. He really rushed through a few generations. But nonetheless, I loved the book and am so glad I read it. Not sure if I will read the next book. So glad we did this together!!!

Laurie said...

Yes, the final part took on the tone of a summary rather than a narrative, with an exposition of Haley's own process and life at the end. Ah well, I'm still gratified to have read it and to have met you too! Hope you'll keep following my reading as I will yours.