Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Books from the library from the month of SEPTEMBER 2011

Starting this month I will start featuring books I get from the library every month. A MONTHLY LIBRARY HAUL.   I have not had the chance to partake in the wonderful world of libraries for about a year now. 

Here is my story:

I moved away and in the middle of the move I was suppose to take back some books that I got from the library.  Let’s just say that I did not and it was not a major worry because I was thinking “not coming back” and I would just add them to my personal library.  SIX years later I am back and after paying $53 I have a library card again.

Initially I was only suppose to go the library, pay my fines and obtain a new library card.  HOWEVER I ended up leaving with FIVE books!  LOL….  So much for lowering the amount of books I read at one time.

Here are my selections:

I have the remaining three books in the Patternmaster series by Octavia Butler:

Racialicious is “supposedly” having a year long “Octavia Butler Book Club”, but I have not seen any activity since the second book, “Mind of my Mind”.

Next up is Platinum by Aliya S. King…..

I love her!  I love her blog and I have everything she says on twitter.  I have heard and read several great reviews and cannot wait to dive into this book!

Lastly, I picked up Satan’s Sisters by Star Jones.

I loved “The View”!!  Even though I have read and even heard her say that this book is not art imitating life, I am quite curious is Ms. Jones have the capabilities of writing good literature.

So there you have it folks, books I obtained from the library in September!

What books are included in your library haul??

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