Monday, October 3, 2011

Monthly Wrap Up - September 2011

Since I have been doing more reading then usual lately, I decided that I wanted to start recapping my book related things every month.  Basically it will be random thoughts that are everything book related.

Books that I read in September:
·         Angel’s Laws of Blogging
·         Midnight
·         The Carrie Diaries

To some reading three books in one month is nothing, but to me, the person who has really been in a reading slump for at least a couple of years now, that was an awesome feat!!  LOL  All three books were (Kanye shrug) ok.  However once I got into Midnight I could not put it down and I have not felt that way about a book for awhile now. 

I have so much I am working on that it is ridiculous.  Between school, work, trying to start a business, training for a 5k, trying to have some sort of social life, and actually turning my blog into something more than a side hobby, I am amaze that I actually have time to read.  I am using the remaining months of the year for REAL BIG THINGS IN 2012.  I have always carried a book wherever I go, but you would not believe the places I would pull out a book at!  LOL

Last week it occurred to me that if I keep saying that there is not enough time to do everything I love I will end of doing nothing at all.  There will never be enough time and/or energy.  I just have to make time for the things I love.  This is exactly why I am in the process of formulating a plan that will free me up from what society says I should be doing to what I want to be doing.  There is an excellent quote in a book I am currently reading (A Belle in Brooklyn), “Sometimes you have to be who you need to be in order to get to who you want to be.”

This month I got my library card back (the story behind why I did not have it is ridiculous!) so since Borders is no longer in existence (there will be a post concerning this matter) I can keep some money in my pocket and obtain books from the library. 

Two books that has came on my radar to try to read before the end of the year are these:

The movie comes out December 21, 2011.  Probably will read it around the Thanksgiving holiday.

This one comes out January 27, 2012.

From the trailers, I have developed an interest in seeing what they are about! 

I picked up the books I plan to read for Dewey’s Read-a-thon this year (10/22/2011).  I hope to read at least TWO books and 100 pages of John Adams.  I will finish that John Adams book before the end of the year if it kills me!  LOL!

 I have SO MANY books to write reviews for that it is ridiculous.  I need to just dedicate a day to write the reviews and post them.  As earlier stated, I am so busy I barely have time to read much less write the reviews because as of right now, my “book blog” is full of “It’s Monday! What are you reading?” posts.  Just pitiful!!

I have been thinking… Do I need to obtain a Facebook page and a “Book Snob Wannabe” twitter account?  Have I gotten to the stage where I need to separate myself?  I am known to say some off the wall things on both and I do not want it to reflect badly on my blog (LOL).  I guess I have answered my own question…… Another thing to add to my “to do” list. SMH…..

I have finally organized my book shelves… This was an experience in itself.

Well that’s it!  How was your September?

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