Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monthly Wrap Up - October 2011

Since we are almost half way into November, I almost did not post a wrap up for October.  Nevertheless here is a recap of last month:

Books that I read in October:
It was a terrible month of reading for me.  I started several books (way past my limits) and only completed one.  

Book Purchases of October:
I did not purchase any books in the month of October.  I think that is due to Borders closing.  I no longer have a 40% discount and who wants to spend full price on books?  LOL

Library Haul of October:
In addition to the other books I have from my library haul from last month, I added four additional books.

There was two read-a-thons I was SUPPOSE to participate in.  When I stress "supposedly"  I mean that I did a horrible job at participating in them.  My goal was to really put a dent in my "current reading" pile.  That sooo did not happen.  

Other random thoughts:
The reason for my horrible reading month is due to my procrastination with school work and a 90% full DVR.  I am finally on track with my school work and I my plan for the month of November is to finish at least 4 books.  I am 12 books away from my goal this year and hopefully after finals, I can dive into books with record speed!!  

Lastly I attended a book festival the last weekend of the month.  I had a blast.  I have been to tons of book fairs, but never a book festival and cannot wait until next year or any other one I attend!


Shannon @ Reading Has Purpose said...

Yes, spending full price on books IS NOT what's up!

Very interesting Library Haul picks.

I only made it to one book festival this year. They really are fun! I'm budgeting to attend several next year: The National Book Festival, The Baltimore Book Festival, and The Brooklyn Book Festival for sure. The rest are TBD!

Book Snob Wannabe said...

I actually lucked up on the book festival due to me living downtown and only being a walking distance from it.