Friday, December 23, 2011

2012 Challenge: Banned/Challenged Book Reading Challenge

I am at a lost with regards to how many challenges I have signed up for, but here I go with another one (and more to come).

This year during the week devoted to Banned and Challenged books, I created a personal reading list from a list of challenged/banned books provided by a website I cannot recall. 

January 1 - December 31, 2012
  • Anyone can participate.
  • No re-reads.
  • Create a sign up post and post the link here.
  • Challenge Crossovers are ok.
  • Level 1 - Read 12 Banned/Challenged books.
  • Level 2 - Read 24....
  • Level 3 - Read 36....
  • Level 4 - Read 37+.....
I will be participating in LEVEL ONE and reading books that I presently own.  Below are 10 books that I plan to read from my own personal collection (being that I only own 10 banned/challenged books that I have not read, I have no clue what the other two books will be).

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Serena said...

Sorry you missed the Civil War Challenge, but we're hosting the WWI reading Challenge in 2012, if you are interested.

I find out about all the challenges out there on A Novel Challenge blog: