Friday, December 30, 2011

Perpetual Challenges

I am currently participating in FOUR perpetual challenges:
  1. US Presidents Reading Project
  2. Operation Read the Bible
  3. Kinsey Millhone Reading Challenge
  4. Stephaine Plum Reading Challenge

The US President Reading Project is a project to read at least one non-fiction book about each of the US Presidents. 

That's basically it.  If reading one book for each president is too much, you have the option to read books that talk about more than one president at a time and count it for each one.  Located at the blog is a list of all the presidents, please feel free to click a page for each president if you are looking for suggestions for reading material.

Being that I am a lover of history, I have been planning on reading about each president for awhile now.  My only dilemma is rather I should go in chronological order (first to present or present to first) or randomly pick presidents.  I am currently reading John Adams autobiography and think that I will read George Washington's next.  After that I may go from our current president (Obama) until I get to Reagan (the president when I was born) and then start back at the beginning.  Who knows......

Next is the Operation Actually Read the Bible.  For the past several years I have been trying to do the "Read the Bible in a Year", and can never stick to it.  I finally decided that I do not want to rush through the bible, but to take my time and thoroughly read it.  There are no rules for this challenge.  No particular translation is required.

I am just learning about the author Sue Grafton and her long standing Kinsley Millhone series.  It sounds interesting and I am a sucker for a series so I plan to participate.  Her series starts from A (A is for Alibi) and continues alphabetically.   There are 22 books (latest book is V is for Vengeance) in this series, so there is no telling how long it will take me to complete it.  If you are interested in more information about this challenge, click here.

The last perpetual challenge is the Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge.  With the challenge beginning January 1, 2012, you can join the challenge at any time.  Basically meaning if you are in the middle of the series or at the very beginning (like myself).  I discovered the author Janet Evanovich when I came across the trailer of the upcoming movie, "One for the Money".  The trailer seemed really interesting so when I saw that it was based on a book series, I did my research and from my friends on goodreads, it seemed like a really good series to get into.  Like Sue Grafton, Evanovich has a theme to the titles to her books.  I think you can guess it....NUMBERS!  This series also has 22 books to it.  I am gonna place a goal of reading five books from this one. 

So there we have it,  I am now vowing to not enter into ANYMORE reading challenges (unless they are perpetual ones) for 2012. (I may regret typing this later.... LOL!)


Darlene said...
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Darlene said...

Welcome to both the Kinsey Millhone Reading Challenge and the Stephanie Plum Reading Challenge, B.C.! Thanks for joining, and I hope you have fun!