Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Monday! What are you reading? 1-2-12

It's Monday? What Are You Reading?", (Hosted by Sheila at Book Journey) is where bloggers share their reading material for the week as well as what they read the week before.

Being that we are starting a new year, I sincerely hope that I do a better job at getting through the books I place in my "Still pushing through" pile.  All of the books placed on that list is at least 24% completed and for this reason, once I complete a book, I will be adding the book to my 2012 book read list!

Without further ado, below here is my "It's Monday.  What are you reading?":
I tried to tackle this book in the summer 2010 by participating in a readalong.  Well I did not finish it.  I did not even get 25% into the book.  In August I had to put the book down (on page 85) due to my first semester of law started.  The blog, The Blue Bookcase, has started a readalong of the book and now that I am back into the groove of things (life, work and school) I plan to complete this book!
The schedule for this readalong is Jan 12th (Chapters 1-28); Jan 19 (Chapter 29-55); Jan 26 (56-93); Feb 2 (Chapters 94-epilogue).

On January 27th the movie version comes to theaters and from the trailers, it seems like it going to be a cute little girl flick.  After finding out that this was a huge series (meaning of hype and the amount of books in the series) I looked into it and decided to read the first couple of books.  I even signed up for the perpetual challenge.

This book fit into the category I placed Twilight in.  Nevertheless I just HAD to see what the hype is all about.  Lucky for me there is a readalong for this book as well.   


 An enjoyable read (after I got past page 200) and I cannot wait to get my lazy butt up and go see the movie!
STILL PUSHING THROUGH: (In order that I started reading them)

(started reading January 2011)
I never want to be reading a book for an entire year, so I truly home that I can finish this book by the end of the month.

(started reading April 2011)

(starting reading April 2011) 

(started reading August 2011)

(started reading August 2011) 
(started reading October 2011)
(started reading November 2011)
I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years!  For me this is a perfect time for a clean slate and getting rid of majority of the books that are still in my "still pushing through" pile.   Please leave a comments on the books I am reading, and/or shout out your reading list for this week in the comment section!!


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Fantastic book choices! Hunger Games will amaze you and the Evanovich books are fun and light - I read until book twelve and then it got a bit much.

Happy New Year!!!

thebookstop said...

You have a really interesting (and varied) reading list. Hope you're enjoying the Austen books. I also hope Hunger Games lives up to the hype for you. It's so much better than Twilight. I gave up halfway through Dragon Tattoo, so it's interesting to hear there's a point where it picks up. I didn't get there. Happy New Year!

MoniqueReads said...

I like the vast selection that you have. I read Waiting to Exhale when it first came out and I loved it.

I haven't read the other ones. Though one day I want to tackle Jane Austen.

bookdout said...

I love the Stephanie Plum series

Wishing you a great reading week!

Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out