Sunday, January 1, 2012

READ-ALONG: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

The lovely ladies at Mocha Girls Read and Words That Fly are hosting a read along for:

I am participating in several reading challenges where this book is one of the books I chose to read.  As well as the movie is coming out in March of this year.  I am too excited to dive into this book because I have heard tons of good things and I am excited to see the moviee because Lenny Kravitz is in it.  LOL!

In order to participate, one would need to write a post and place the link to the post here

The schedule for the readalong is:
  • 01/01/12:     Reading begins!
  • 01/07/12:     Progress Report 1 - End of Chapter 6
  • 01/14/12:     Progress Report 2 - End of Chapter 12
  • 01/21/12:     Progress Report 3 - End of Chapter 18
  • 01/28/12:     Progress Report 4 - End of Chapter 24
  • 01/31/12:     Final Report  - End Chapter 27
So there we have it.  I will see you guys on Saturday!!

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mochagirlsread said...

Yeah!!! I love that we are going to read the same book together. lol! :)