Saturday, January 28, 2012

READALONG: Hunger Games Progress Report 4

The lovely ladies at Mocha Girls Read and Words that Fly are hosting a read along for:

*During the readalong, I am going to try and do my best not give away any spoilers!

Chapters 19-24

The chapter begins with Katniss reaction to the announcement that if both members of a district could be the last ones to survive, both could win!  This causes Katniss to find Peeta.  After finding an injured Peeta, she takes him to a safe place and nurse him back to health the best way she can.  After another announcement, Peeta realizes that she has to face the remaining tributes at Cornuopia in order to get the package she needs to save Peeta’s life.  However going there will result in a blood bath where tributes will die.  After narrowly escaping death, Katniss is able to get the package and get back to Peeta to continue to nurse him back to health.  After hunting for food, they come back to their hut to find one of the tributes dead…. 4 left!


Kris (Words That Fly) said...

Wow this is a really good summary of the most important parts of these chapters. Honestly I loved the announcement most I think. It brought Peeta back into focus and I liked getting to see him again.

Book Snob Wannabe said...

I was glad to see Peeta come back into the storyline as well, but how naive is Katniss to not see what Peeta is doing and in particular, WHY he is doing it! Smh....