Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Books into Movies: One for the Money

TITLE: One for the Money
AUTHOR: Janet Evanovich
DATE FINISHED: January 23, 2012
CHALLENGES: Stephaine Plum’s perpetual challenge, Support your local library, 1st in a series challenge and The Electric Reader Challenge.

Stephanie Plum is so smart, so honest, and so funny that her narrative charm could drive a documentary on termites. But this tough gal from New Jersey, an unemployed discount lingerie buyer, has a much more interesting story to tell: She has to say that her Miata has been repossessed and that she's so poor at the moment that she just drank her last bottle of beer for breakfast. She has to say that her only chance out of her present rut is her repugnant cousin Vinnie and his bail-bond business. She has to say that she blackmailed Vinnie into giving her a bail-bond recovery job worth $10,000 (for a murder suspect), even though she doesn't own a gun and has never apprehended a person in her life. And she has to say that the guy she has to get, Joe Morelli, is the same creep who charmed away her teenage virginity behind the pastry case in the Trenton bakery where she worked after school.  If that hard-luck story doesn't sound compelling enough, Stephanie's several unsuccessful attempts at pulling in Joe make a downright hilarious and suspenseful tale of murder and deceit. Along the way, several more outlandish (but unrelentingly real) characters join the story, including Benito Ramirez, a champion boxer who seems to be following Stephanie Plum wherever she goes. (from Amazon) 

This book was a fun and quick read.  The story line kept my attention and the end was not as predictable as I thought it would be.  The one thing that got on my last nerve was the lead character (Stephaine Plum).  Urghhhh!! How can one person be so naive and still make it out of this situation alive?????  Smh....

There was several significant changes (at least in my opinion) made from the book's version.  The most important one was the character of Benito Ramirez.  The things that he did in the book had me scared so why they made him into some quirky boxer was beyond me.  By doing that, it took this movie from possibly being an action suspense movie with funny bits to a funny chick flick.  What a downgrade...  I feel that they had a low budget for this movie because other than Katherine Heigl and the guy that played Joe Morrelli, the other actors did not stand up to the characters I had in my mind.  Lastly, they SWITCH THE ENTIRE ENDING AROUND!  I hate when the movie version does that. 

Book or Movie:  BOOK BY FAR

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