Thursday, February 2, 2012

Library Haul - January 2012

During the month of January I checked out seven books.  They are:

As I have posted numerous times, I am participating in a read-along and so far so good.  The first post for this read-along is February 14th.

I have a complicated love/hate relationship with Ms. Handler.  I love her late night show (I get made fun of for DVRing it) and I am even watching her sitcom (I am still on the fence about it), but sometime her jokes and views come off weird and make me feel a little a certain way.  Cannot really explain it.  Nevertheless, I have been hearing about these books for years and thought I would just dive into them back to back and see what all the fuss is about.

Lastly, I am participating in a perpetual reading challenge where I am to read the bible in its entirety.  Being that I do not want to read the bible just to say I read it, I search for supplemental books to really help me gain additional knowledge.  I am not big on speaking out about my spiritual beliefs, but I feel that if one claims they are of a certain faith, they should be extremely knowledgable of that faith so that they are not lead astray by the wrong (intentionally or unintentionally) teaching.  One should have a strong foundation and I made a pledge (to myself) to build mine up stronger.

What books did borrow from the library in January?

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