Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Monthly Wrap Up - January 2012

A new year, new blog and new semester of school, I think I had a good month of reading! 

Books that I read in January:

This means that I am averaging one book a week!  That is very good for me to say the least.  Additionally I am right on track with my “50 books read in a year” challenge over at Goodreads. 

2012 Book Challenges:

I am making some dents in my HUGE list of reading challenges. 

1.      Nonfiction Nonmemoir Challenge – 1/10 books completed
2.      The Library Challenge – 2/12 books completed
3.      Off the Shelf Challenge – 2/15 books completed
4.      Tea & Books Reading Challenge – 0/2 books completed
5.      Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge – 1/10 books completed
6.      The Dystopia 2012 Reading Challenge – 1/5 books completed
7.      2012 Twilight Series – 0/4 books completed
8.      Finishing the Series Challenge – 0/3 series completed
9.      Southern Literature Challenge – 0/4 books completed
10.  First in a series Challenge – 3/6 books completed
11.  Outdo Yourself Challenge – 0/32 books completed
12.  Banned/Challenged Book Challenge – 0/12 books completed
13.  Getting Lost in a Comfortable Book Challenge – 0/12 completed
14.  Classic Double Challenge – 0/4 books completed
15.  Jane Austen Spinoff Challenge - 0/8 books completed
16.  The Eclectic Reader Challenge – 3/12 books completed
17.  Chunkster Challenge – 0/4 books completed
18.  Books I started but didn’t finish – 2/24 books completed
19.  1001 Books to read before you die – 0/12 books completed.

Hunger Games Read-Along:

Throughout the month I participated a read-along with Mocha Girl Reads and Words that Fly.  I was “suppose” to read this book throughout the month but it was so good that I ended up reading it in a couple of days!  It was so refreshing to read something that took me to another place.  I don’t think I have felt that way in some time.  Hopefully someone will do a read-along for the rest of the series.  That would be great!

Moby Dick Read-Along:

So I failed badly at this read-along.  Something in me just could not pick up this book to read and when I did, I just could not get into it. 

Gone with the Wind Read-Along:

This month the lovely blog “The Book Worm” will be hosting a read-along for “Gone with the Wind”.  I have wanted to read this book for some time now and thought that this could be a perfect time too.  Also for the month of February I am planning to have a “Black History Theme” and since it is about the Civil War, I believe that it fits perfectly with the theme.  The first post for this read-along will be February 14th.

Other Random thoughts:

I am going to start following the 20% rule.  This means that after I have read 20% of a book and still has not gotten into it, I will put it down.  There is no reason for me to push myself to read any book.  For example, the edition of the Moby Dick book I am reading is 707 pages.  Which means that after 141 pages (I am currently on page 88), if I still have not gotten into the book.  LET IT GO!!!

How did January go for you guys?  Leave a comment below.

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Shannon @ Reading Has Purpose said...

I've made it through 2 1/2 books this year. But I could've sworn I've read 4 or 5 already! I finish 3 coming right into the end of 2011 though so maybe they are overlapping. I need to pick up the pace!

I've decided to start ditching books sooner too. And I'm going by the "If I'm not feeling it" rule! I just returned one book after 10 pages!