Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The awesome blog, "The Bookworm" is currently hosting a read-along of the book, "Gone with the Wind". Today we are discussing chapters 1-7 (even though I am on chapter 6).  Below are the discussion questions and my answers to them:

1. What do you think about Margaret Mitchell's classic so far? Is this your first time reading it?  If you are re-reading it, what has made you pick it up again?
Being that this is my first time reading the novel, I am pleasantly surprise that I am enjoying the book.  It is keeping my attention, and even with the slaves dialect, which is a bit much but I understand the purpose for it, I actually like it.

2. In these first chapters we get to meet several central characters. What are your impressions of them? Which one is really standing out?
I always knew about Scarlett being a selfish naive (though she think she is not) woman, I did not know how young she was.  It is interesting getting to know all of the characters and just learning new things about the way of life during that time.  The whole marrying your cousin thing kind of threw me off because I thought that our society had stop doing that by this particular period.  However the character that really stood out for me was Ashley and I have not even gotten his point of view (if I ever will) because I can already tell that he wants nothing to do with Southern life.

3. The first line in the novel begins with "Scarlett O'Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm...".  Do you think that her not being a natural beauty makes Scarlett's character seem more life like and realistic to readers?
Not really.  However I could see how it could to some individuals.

4. What do you think of Tara and the Southern setting in the novel? Do you find the setting gives the story that extra spark?
I loved how the author described Tara and just the different areas of Georgia period.  I felt like I was transported there and sat among them as I read the book. 

So far this is an excellent read.  111 pages down and 913 pages to go!
Discussion 2 will be on MARCH 15, 2012 at "Peeking between the Pages" blog.

What did you guys think of chapters 1-7? Please leave a comment below.


Jillian said...

I think Ashley very much loves Southern life; he fears what will happen to it if war comes. :)

Book Snob Wannabe said...

I am currently 20 or so pages before being finish with chapter 6 so maybe after seeing what Ashley thinks of the war I may feel differently.

I guess I think this way because the other men lack formal education and view everything that he does as soft. It does not seem like he fits in and the only reason he drink, gamble and talk war nonsense (as Scarlett would say) is so that he can fit in.

Darlene said...

I remember thinking and still do that Scarlett seems so muvh older than what she is but then you think about how the girls are all brought up to do exactly what she's doing. Flirting, being pretty and not so smart seems to be what they are supposed to strive for in order to get a husband.

As for Ashley's family I think it says at some point that they only marry within their family. I too thought that people weren't doing that anymore.

I'm glad you're enjoying the book. I love this novel and I'm looking forward to this next section. I can't wait to hear your thoughts next time around and I'm glad you joined Naida and I in reading it!

naida said...

Thanks for joining us B.C.

I know what you mean about the slaves dialect, the first time I read this book I did find it hard to understand. This second time around, I'm getting more used to it.
I also feel like Mitchell has been transporting me to Tara with her descriptions, I'm really noticing it more this time around.
I'm not a fan of Ashley, but I do like that he is more the quiet, bookish intellect.

So glad you are enjoying the book!