Saturday, April 21, 2012

APRIL 2012 Dewey 24 Hour Read-a-thon

Due to having to take a class on Saturdays this semester (I know...I know), I could not join the read-athon until this evening.  Even though I have been out of class for 2 1/2 hours, I needed to run some errands and get my daily workout out of the way. 

Now that I have "life" out of the way, LETS GET TO SOME READING!!! 

This year I am being realistic with knowing that I can only participate for six hours.  Basically I will be reading from 6pm until midnight (central time).  Therefore I plan to read three books during this read-athon.  However I am still debating if I should handle one book at a time OR read each book for two hours so just in case the reading gets dry.  I will basically play it by ear.  The ultimate goal is to at least complete ONE book. 

Here are the books I plan to tackle during the read-athon:

Regarding my updates, I plan to post either every two hours or when I complete a book.  Here is the format I will use:

Book I am currently reading:
# of pages read:
# of books finish:
Hours spent reading:
Random thoughts:

For the past two months I have really been in a reading slump and I hope by participating in the read-athon, it will bring life back to my reading.


Megan said...

Saturday class? What a drag!

Well, at least you've still got time for the readathon. Hope it helps you get out of your reading slump.

Happy reading!

Linda said...

Hope the Readathon helps too pull you out of your slump. Have fun!