Thursday, April 5, 2012

Library Haul - March 2012

I have really been limiting myself to the books I check out from the library due to the large number of books I am currently reading.  Below is the book I checked out in March:

Melissa Harris Perry has a new show on MSNBC and I love it!  Since I taken a liking to her, I thought it was only natural to read her book.  I am 30 something pages into the book, but so far so good.  

The book has actually sparked an interest in me reading "Their Eyes Were Watching God". 

Below are all the books I currently have checked out from the library as well:


I have had these books checked out for some time now and hopefully before Memorial Weekend, I can be finish with all four.   My ultimate goal is to have only one or two library books check out at one time.  Being that my "current reading" pile is so large adding library books is only making it worse.

What books did you guys check out in March?

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