Saturday, April 21, 2012

Update 1 of April 2012 Dewey's Read-athon!

Two hours have officially pass since I started the read-athon and below I have created a timeline to show how much time I have left in the read-athon:

Here is my update:

  •  Book I am currently reading:  Gone with the Wind
  • # of Pages read: 45 pages (gosh I am a slow reader)
  • # of Books finish: 0
  • Hours spent reading: 2
  • Random thoughts:  
    • My goal with Gone with the Wind was to completely read "Part 3" of the book.  It is an obtainable goal, but I would have to focus only on this book due to part 3 being 224 pages long.
    • I am not reading at the pace I thought I would.  I knew I was a slow reader, but damn 45 pages in 2 hours, I must be getting distracted or something.  The story line is excellent, I do not even want to move to another book, so I do not what could be slowing me down.  Nevertheless, I plan to start reading "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" next.  
How are you guys doing?  Please leave a comment below letting me know how long you guys been participating today and what books you are reading!

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Maree said...

I'm just dropping off a quick cheer to encourage your reading :D *\o/*