Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Monday! What are you reading? 5-7-12

It's Monday? What Are You Reading?", (Hosted by Sheila at Book Journey) is where bloggers share their reading material for the week as well as what they read the week before.

Four papers and one final down and one more final to go!!!!  By Tuesday night I will officially be finish with the semester.  I cannot wait.....


For some reason I continue to add books!  Urghhhhh!!! LOL... However since school is out for a month and the read-athon coming up next week, I may just read 5 books this month.  Speaking of books I completed......


This was my first book I completed on my Kindle Fire.  It was a nice quick read.  

STILL PUSHING THROUGH: (In order that I started reading them)

25% into the book
(started reading January 2011)

24% into the book
(starting reading April 2011) 

36% into the book
(started reading August 2011)
12% into the book
(started reading October 2011)
38% into the book
(started reading November 2011)

43% into the book
(started reading January 2012)

60% into the book
(started reading March 2012)

11% into the book
(started reading March 2012)

5% into the book
(started reading April 2012)

Please leave a comment on the books I am reading, and/or shout out your reading list for this week in the comment section!! 


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Wow! You are reading a lot of books at the same time. Amazing.

Here's my
It's Monday! What Are You Reading?
Please stop by!

Creations by Laurel-Rain Snow said...

I enjoyed it awhile ago. Hope you have a great week!


dollycas aka Lori said...

Good luck on the finals! You have a great reading list here, enjoy!!

Ellie Warren said...

I wouldn't be able to read so many books at once! Sometimes I have a short story collection or non-fiction book on the go at the same time as a novel...but if a novel hasn't grabbed me I tend to give up on it.

MoniqueReads said...

I don't know how you are able to handle. I would get confused.

Allison said...

Great selections!!! I have wanted to read the book by Mindy Kaling for a while. :) Have a great week!

The Brunette Librarian said...

The Mindy Kaling book is adorable :) So funny and lighthearted. It kind of disappointed me at the very end but on the whole I really liked it!

Happy reading this week :)
What are YOU reading??