Monday, May 14, 2012

It's Monday! What are you reading? "A Bout of Books" EDITION

This week we will focus on A Bout of Books Read-a-thon.  This read-a-thon runs for an entire week starting at midnight of today (5/14/12) and ending at 11:59pm Sunday (5/20/12).  At the end of everyday I will provide you with an update on how I am coming along. 

My goals for the read-a-thon is to get through Part 4 of Gone with the Wind and complete ONE book.  That would be awesome!  LOL....

Now back to our regular schedule program........

It's Monday? What Are You Reading?", (Hosted by Sheila at Book Journey) is where bloggers share their reading material for the week as well as what they read the week before.




An excellent fast read!

STILL PUSHING THROUGH: (In order that I started reading them)

25% into the book
(started reading January 2011)

24% into the book
(starting reading April 2011) 

36% into the book
(started reading August 2011)

12% into the book
(started reading October 2011)

38% into the book
(started reading November 2011)

66% into the book
(started reading January 2012)
OMG!  Such a lonnnnngggg and good book.  I usually try to read a couple of pages a day, in order to catch up with other books I am reading.  However I get so engross in Scarlett and Rhett that I cannot put it down!  Hopefully I am finish with this book by the end of June.  

60% into the book
(started reading March 2012)

11% into the book
(started reading March 2012)

5% into the book
(started reading April 2012)

9% into the book
(started reading May 2012)

11% into the book
(starting reading May 2012)

Please leave a comment on the books I am reading, and/or shout out your reading list for this week in the comment section!! 


pussreboots said...

I've read Gone with the Wind and Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. Enjoy your books!

My favorite read last week was The Last Little Blue Envelope by Maureen Johnson. Please come see what else I'm reading.

Pamela said...

I have wanted to read Gone with the Wind FOREVER but keep getting scared off by the size of it!! I really need to just get over it and pick it up!! :)

creativedeeds said...

Good luck and have fun!

Kristin said...

Good luck with the Read-a-thon. I wish I was able to participate but it's a crazy week at work and I'm not sure how much reading time I will get in.

You have some really good books on your list. We were just talking about the John Adams book this weekend - I've heard great things about it.

Have a great week!
Kristin @ Always With a Book

Shan said...

I loved the Mindy Kaling book, she's so funny. Good luck with the readathon!

Book Snob Wannabe said...

@Pamela: Do not let the size fool you. It is turning out to be an awesome book!

@Pussreboots, @Shan, @Kristin, and @creativedeeds:
Thanks for stopping by!!!

The Brunette Librarian said...

Mindy Kaling's book is awesome! I read it and thought it was incredibly cute. Did you see she's going to have a new show on Fox? "The Mindy Project"

Happy reading this week!
What are YOU reading??

Amy said...

Loved Mindy Kaling in The Office. Is her book as funny?