Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly Wrap Up: May 2012

Lets get right into it:

This month I completed two books:

Even though I only completed two books, Gone with the Wind made it feel like I read four books this month!  LOL... Nevertheless I thoroughly enjoyed both books.  I even went and purchased the movie version of Gone with the Wind.  Now if I can only write the reviews for the books!  Smh...

Speaking of Gone with the Wind.....

I don't know what happened to the blogs that were hosting the read-along, I have not seen a post from them in awhile concerning the read-along.  I believe that they may have postponed the read-along.  Nevertheless, I thank them for getting me to finally read it.  I had been wanting to read the novel for some time now to see what all the fuss was about but was intimidated by the material and length of the novel. Now after reading it, it is now apart of my top ten favorite books (mind you I don't have 10 favorite books!).

"A Bout of Books" read-a-thon:

At the beginning (Monday and Tuesday) I was awesome, got a lot of reading done and was really proud of myself.  However Wednesday came and my social life got in the way.  I was out and about everyday for the rest of the week and outside of lunch breaks at work, could not get any reading done.  

Goodreads Reading Challenge:

I am still behind on my reading challenge, I am hoping my Summer Reading List can get me caught up before Labor Day.

Summer Reading List:

I created a post describing the books that I plan to read this summer.  You can find the link in the goodreads reading challenge.

May Reading Goals:
  1. Read 4 book  As you can see up above, I only completed 2 books, but to my defense, can I count Gone with the Wind as three books?  LOL!!
    • One being 48 Laws of Power I have been trying to read this book for over a year now and while I do enjoy it, for some reason I have a hard time consistently reading the book.  I feel that this book for some reason need serious concentration because I seriously want to digest the information.  With that being said, I am just going to try to concentrate on one law every couple of weeks and hope that I have it complete by the end of the summer.
  2. Participate in the "Bout of Books" read-athon.  
  3. Read at least one hour a day. I did it for the most part, but I need to be constant with it. 
  4. Check out only ONE book from the library that is not on my waiting list.
  5. Gone with the Wind: Complete the rest of part 3 and all of part 4.  Not only did I complete the two parts, I completed the book!  Finally!!  LOL!!!
  6. Read and study at least one book of the Bible.  Totally failed at this goal, hopefully I will do better next month!
So there we have it.... How was the month of May for you?

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