Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Persuasion Read Along: Week One

In my quest to become all well read and book snobbish, I decided that I needed to dive into the classics.  What better entry than Jane Austen?!! I am calling this year, “The Year of Jane Austen”. Throughout 2013 I plan to tackle every book Jane Austen has published.  Determine what all the fuss is about.  In addition to reading the books, I will also watch the movie version because truthfully, I am having a difficult time trying to understand…. Now don’t get me wrong, I am far from dumb, but I also wasn't born in the 1800s.  For this purpose I purchased Barnes and Noble’s Classic edition. 

The lovely blogger over at Unputdownables is hosting a read along for Persuasion. This read along came right on time because now I have an avenue to keep me interested in it, hold me accountable and most importantly, be able to discuss the book with someone. This is a great start to "The Year of Jane Austen"!!!

The read along will be for the entire month of January with the first post/discussion being January 4th ( I know... I am late) and every Friday of the month (11th, 18th and the 25th).

The reading schedule is:
Week 1: Volume One/Chapter IX
Week 2: Volume Two/Chapter II
Week 3: Volume Two/Chapter IX
Week 4: The End
The book I choose does not go by volumes, but states that it has 24 chapters so I have decided to divide it up so that means six chapters a week.

My thoughts of Chapters One - Five: 
(without giving out spoilers for those who plan to read it)

I am introduced to the Elliot family who consist of Sir Walter (the widow father), Elizabeth (the oldest daughter and the father's favorite), Anne (who I am pretty sure is the focus of the book) and Mary (the spoil baby girl and only one who got married). Apparently they have come upon some hard times and plan to rent the house out in order to save money.

After reading the first five chapters, I do not like anyone.  Everyone in the book is materialistic and only care about their standing in society and what others think.  What does pique my interest is the time period view on who is considered an appropriate match for someone as well as when someone is considered an "ole maid'. I am interested in finding out more about Captain Wentworth and the relationship he had with Anne.  I am hoping to get his point of view of the relationship as well.

Until Friday (chapters 6-12).... Happy reading!

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