Monday, May 20, 2013

Bout of Books 7.0 Conclusion

Another read-athon complete!

Bout of Books

The goal for last week was to read three different books, one I was to finish, the second I was to get halfway through it and the third to get 25% read. 

I underestimated the time it would take me to get to 25% of The Game of Thrones.  However I got to 28% literally Sunday night and I am proud of it.  I came to realize (again) that I am not a fast reader.  I like to take my time with the book and really dive into the material and digest it.

I see that another "Bout of Books" will be happening in 90 days.  I think for me personally, when I participate in read-athons, I need to stick to small books; books with the max page limit of 200-250.  If not, then when I have the results I had this time, I can feel like I was more successful.

How did the read-athon go for you guys?

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