Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 Reading Challenges

Since the end of the month is almost approaching (who am I kidding, the end of the month is here), I been telling myself that I really need to do a break down of the 2014 Reading Challenges I plan to participate in.   Being that I am participating in SO MANY CHALLENGES, I plan to provide one every month throughout the  year.  However this post is just an intro in order to submit my entry into the challenges.

If you do not want to read the entire listing, here is a video I done about them:

Level PASSIONATE (4 Books)
This challenge is to focus on accomplishing one of your resolutions. Therefore the purpose is to find books that stimulate action towards your goals.  The goal I will focus on will be improving my blog.  

Level 3 GIRL POWER (11 books)
This challenge is to focus on women writers in general.  I narrowed my focus on feminists. 

Level 2 CD (10 books)
This challenge is to read more books on your Ereader. 

Level REBEL (6 books)
This challenge is to read books that have been banned from libraries. 

Level ITS NOT SO BAD OUT THERE (5 books)
This challenge intends to stretch your reading boundaries.  There are 14 categories (one of which you make up yourself) in order to get outside your "reading box"!  I chose the following categories:
  1. Classic Novel
  2. Read the 1st book in a series
  3. Its about time (a book that has been on my shelf for at least 2 years)
  4. Chunkster Time (a book over 500 pages)
  5. Category I created: Read 5 Bios

This is another challenge that helps you read out of your normal comfort zone.  There are 12 categories and they are:
  1. Award Winning
  2. True Crime (non fiction)
  3. Romantic Comedy
  4. Alternate History Fiction
  5. Graphic Novel
  6. Cozy Mystery Fiction
  7. Gothic Fiction
  8. War/Military Fiction
  9. Anthology
  10. Medical Thriller Fiction
  11. Travel (non fiction)
  12. Published in 2014

  1. January - Young Adult
  2. February - Contemporary
  3. March - Urban Fantasy
  4. April - Middle Grade
  5. May - Dystopian
  6. June - High Fantasy
  7. July - Adult
  8. August - Paranormal
  9. September - Romance
  10. October - Sci-Fi
  11. November - Historical Fiction
  12. December - New Adult

Level SHAPESHIFTER (3 books)
Speculative fiction is defined as science fiction, fantasy and horror. Within those categories exist many subcategories such as cyberpunk and psychological horror from a writer of color. 

The objective is to read those free ebooks you have on your ereader and they have to be LEGALLY obtained free ebooks. The goal is to read 12 books.

Mental Illness Advocacy Reading Challenge
Level AWARE (8 books)
This challenge is to raise awareness, knowledge, and acceptance of mental illness.  Reading both fiction and nonfiction of this challenge is an excellent way to broaden one's horizons and expose one to new ideas and ways to thinking and being as well as removing the stigma faced on a daily basis by those with a mental illness.

What reading challenges are you participating in?  Leave them in the comment section.


Christine said...

That's a really good idea about narrowing your focus to feminists for the Women Challenges -- I thought about entering, but I already read about 85% female authors, so I didn't think that would be much of a challenge for me!

Thanks for joining the Banned Books challenge -- looking forward to seeing which books you choose :)

Peek-a-booK! said...

Welcome to the "Women Challenge", good luck and happy reading! :)


Joy Weese Moll (@joyweesemoll) said...

Great list of challenges! You have some good reading ahead!

Kate Maxwell said...

So glad that you are joining my Reading Challenge! Looks like you have some great reading ahead of you this year! Hope you enjoy getting out of the Box! :)

Brianna (The Book Vixen) said...

Good luck with all your reading challenges! Thanks for participating in the Read Your Freebies! challenge :)

Peek-a-booK! said...

If you are interested in, you could have a look to the challenge I launched, the “2015 Women Challenge”. Have fun with me and my challenge! ^_^

Bye and enjoy your books!