About BSW

Hello, my name is Book Snob Wannabe.

I am a bibliophile who is obsessed with anything and everything that deals with books!  I rarely go anywhere without a book in my possession.  However I had no place to go that catered to my love of books. 

BOOK SNOB WANNABE (BSW) is the home of my obsession for all things book related.  It began as an outlet where I could express my passion for books. It disturbed me that I did not know anybody in “real life” who read as much as I did or who possessed similar tastes in books as me.  So, I created BSW to be able to find others in my actual location and abroad who share my obsession of good literature.  BSW is a place for like minded individuals to come and be a part of a community of avid readers and true book lovers.  Since I have started BSW in 3 years ago, I have connected and interacted with so many people who love and enjoy reading like me! It’s unbelievable! 

Being that my taste in literature varies, BSW will feature books from different genres by diverse authors.  Basically, if it can be read, it can be featured on this blog. Therefore expect the unexpected!  One post may feature the works of Jane Austen, and the next could mention books by E. Lynn Harris.  (Hence the title “Book Snob Wannabe”)

Email me at booksnobwannabe@gmail.com


BOOK SNOB WANNABE (BSW) is not a place where you read elaborate formal book reviews.  When I review a book, it is merely my own personal opinion of the literature. All reviews will be straight-forward honest interpretations that possess no malicious intent.  BSW is a forum to engage in a healthy dialog about a book.  I hope you will join me in the discussion.